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Richard "Dick" Wakefield
Inducted 29 Oct 2004

Dick Wakefield grew up on the Eastside of St. Paul and began ski jumping at an early age. His adventures on skis took him to Hillcrest Golf Course, to “Devil’s Hill” and to other areas where kids gathered, built ski slides and held impromptu competitions.

Soon other sports began to occupy his free time. Along with raising a family and moving to White Bear Lake, his interests wandered from ski jumping.

He accompanied his brother Wally to a tournament in Ely, Minnesota and the latent love for ski jumping returned.

Dick rejoined the St. Paul Ski Club and began in earnest to participate in out-of-town meets, as well as competing in the annual tournaments held at Battle Creek Park, in St. Paul.

Wakefield began to take an active interest in many aspects of the St. Paul Ski Club operations. He utilized his school teaching talents as an organizer, inspirational leader and director of junior ski jumping programs.

He became an active participant and leader in the annual junior ski jumping training camps. He directed his efforts to the camps at Mounds Park and later to the Carver’s Lake Nordic facilities. At one point he near single handedly held a Christmas holiday clinic for near 100 participants.

He was elected to and served many years as a member of the St. Paul Ski Club Board of Directors. He served one term as president of the club in 1978.

Wakefield’s leadership qualities and his willingness to implement his talents in many areas of expertise, have affected positively, numerous youth with whom he came in contact.

He was a judge at the last “official” State High School Ski Jumping Championships held in Ely, Minnesota.

Because his talents and efforts were directed mainly at providing youth with an avenue to learn and enjoy the sport of ski jumping, he has provided a means for the perpetuation of the sport.

The long lasting, positive affect of Wakefield’s contributions warrant his induction into the St. Paul Ski Club Hall of Fame.


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