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Luke J. Soler
Inducted 1 Nov 1991

Luke J. Soler joined the St. Paul Ski Club in October of 1935. Since that time, Luke has maintained an active role in the functions of the Club.

Luke is a lifetime member of the St. Paul Ski Club. On four separate occasions Luke was elected and served as President of the St. Paul Ski Club. He has, on numerous occasions, and for extended periods of time, served as the St. Paul Ski Clubís Corresponding Secretary and Recording Secretary.

For near 60 years of dedication Luke worked with the St. Paul Junior Ski Club. He influenced numerous members in a positive and lasting manner.

Solerís foresight and wisdom, resulted in large part, the initiation and construction of the facilities at the Carver Lake site.

He was a primary force in the St. Paul Ski Clubís move to the Carverís Lake area. He was instrumental in the installation of electricity. He pushed for the erection of the first cement block chalet and the storage facilities located at the Carverís Lake complex.

Through the years, Soler has maintained his excellent physical condition. He was one of the top jumpers in each of the various classes of competition in which he participated. Through the years, Luke let little or nothing deter his life long love of the sport and its competitions.

The St. Paul Ski Club has been an important influence in Lukeís life. Likewise, through more than 60 yeas of dedicated service, Luke utilized his persuasions to the best interests of the St. Paul Ski Club.


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