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Phillip "Phil" Sanders
Inducted 28 Oct 1994

Phillip “Phil” Sanders grew up on the East Side of St. Paul and became involved n ski jumping at a young age. He first skied on “Rasy’s” Hill located on the Rasmussen Farm - south and east of Minnehaha and McKnight Road, and at Catre’s Hill, just south of Maryland and Ferndale Avenues in Maplewood.

As a result of an invitation by fellow Hall of Famer, Carl Soderbeck, Sanders, at the age of 13, traveled to the jump at Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. He has been involved in the St. Paul Ski Club since that early beginning. A love of the sport developed that held his interest for many decades to follow.

Sanders became active in the St. Paul Junior Ski Club and represented St. Paul at he Junior Nationals held in Menomonie, Wisconsin. He was a large boy for his age, and through the years he became affectionately known throughout the Central Division of the USSA, as “Moose”.

As he continued to participate in ski club activities, he became a member of the St. Paul Ski Club Board of Directors. He served two terms as president of the senior club during the years 1970 and 1971.

Throughout his long tenure, Sanders has been a valuable member. He has served as junior coach and advisor. Sanders has been invaluable at many talks and has willingly served any capacities in which his expertise could be of help.

Sanders was instrumental in the development of the junior training camps during their early stages. He assisted and spent numerous hours in the development of the ski jump at Welch, Minnesota.

He served many terms as hill captain for the ski jumping tournaments that were held at Battle Creek Park.

He has utilized his many talents in electronics to develop sound systems at various sites. His superior knowledge led the development of sound systems at Battle Creek and later at Mounds park. He designed a portable system, along with a permanent electronic sound system at the Carver’s Lake Nordic Area that has stood the test of time.

Through the years, Sanders has made his talents available. He has climbed countless trees and poles, stringing and restringing wired to upgrade the present sound system as it became necessary.

During his tenure, Sanders continued to spend time competing and working with junior jumpers. During the development of his sons Phillip and Bryan, Sanders took to the road and drove countless miles to spend hours on the hills with the kids.

His affable demeanor and willingness to assist in a variety of ski club activities, has created a mold for leadership and influence that epitomize the true spirit of the sport of ski jumping. His efforts, dedication and ethics, are lasting qualities that will continue ot be a guide for future generations in the sport.


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