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Joe Ryan
Inducted 1 Nov 2002

Compared with other top rated ski jumpers ever developed by, or who represented the St. Paul Ski Club, Joe Ryan matches well.

Joes skiing ability and competitive accomplishments compare well with, or exceed, levels of expertise demonstrated by Hall of Fame members Sverre Fredheim, Len Soler, Kip Sundgaard and Bryan Sanders.

Consider that in the 12 years Joe Ryan was an A Class competitor -- he gained the prestigious Class A rating by virtue of a second place finish in the 1955 National Championships held at Leavenworth, Washington -- until he went on to other endeavors in 1967, Joe Ryan was a competitor to be reckoned with.

In competitions at Battle Creek Park, Joe Ryan eared top St. Paul honors and laid claim to the St. Paul Ski Club Championship trophy in 1956, 1957, 1958, 1961, 1963 and 1965. Joe was in the service in 1959-60.

Joe was the number seven man in competitions for the 1956 US Olympic Team. In competitions that year at Iron Mountain, Michigan, he was one of just three skiers to soar 300 feet. He just missed being on the squad that went to Cortina, Italy.

During his tour in the US Army, Joe competed for the Army as he attempted to qualify for the 1960 US Team.

Joe was recognized as a leader. He served on the St. Paul Ski Club Board of Directors and served as secretary.

He was president of the St. Paul Ski Club for two terms, in 1964 and again in 1965.

While he competed and represented the St. Paul Ski Club, Joe was a steady competitor who drew attention whenever his name was announced. There are numerous competitions, he either won outright, or was among the leaders of his class.

During the many years of competitions, Joe worked at a steady job and raised a family. When his competitive edge began to wane, he quit competing to concentrate more on a business venture in which he and his wife were involved.

His accomplishments and commitment to ski jumping merit his induction into the St. Paul Ski Club Hall of Fame.


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