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William "Bill" Ryan
Inducted 27 Oct 1995

William “Bill” Ryan has been a member in good standing of the St. Paul Ski Club for more than half a century.

Through many of those years, Ryan was active as a competitor in Class ”C”, “B” and Veterans Class. In 1956, in competition held at the former Battle Creek Park ski slide, he won the Class “C” title.

Though active as a ski jumper for much of his tenure in the St. Paul Ski Club, Ryan’s most significant contributions have come about as a result of his administrative skills.

Since its inception on August 30, 1965, Ryan has served in the capacity of treasurer of the St. Paul Educational Foundation.

With the death in 1971 of Harold Petersen, Ryan stepped into the role of St. Paul Ski Club treasurer. For more then three decades he ably directed club finances.

Ryan is responsible for supplying the direction that afforded the St. Paul Ski Club the opportunity to obtain tax free status for the Educational Foundation.

His auditing expertise has proven immensely significant in assisting the St. Paul Ski Club and the Educational Foundation to maintain proper financial accounts.

Through his skillful guidance Ryan has provided the St. Paul Ski Club and the Educational Foundation the ability to interpret various state and federal tax laws that best serve our organizational interests.

His unobtrusive efficiency in directing the St. Paul Ski Club through numerous and difficult financial matters has proven to be invaluable toward assisting in the building and maintaining of the prominent facilities for the present and future membership.

Through the years, Bill Ryan has maintained high standards of service, while conducting the financial affairs of the club with a superior degree of moral integrity.

His leadership and direction have supplied present and future members with an exemplary prototype of dedication any would do well to emulate.


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